What is Real Talk?

*BONUS* - each term our DFA Associates are offered the opportunity to be part of a
free 'Real Talk' Webinar.

This new and exciting platform aims to provide a space for positive conversation and real time connections between top Industry Professionals and the students in Devon and around the UK!

A chance for budding students to increase their knowledge of the dance and musical theatre Industry and have the chance to connect with some incredible and inspiring people! 


Lisa Parr

Mental Health is a huge subject that affects many people of all ages across the world and is something becoming increasingly important now more than ever.   At DFA Associates we value the importance of knowledge and support to all students and their mental health so are proud to be able to offer this free, live webinar for each student to learn about a positive mindset and positive mental health for young people and dancers.

Lisa Parr is a fantastic Mental Health nurse with such a positive energy and wealth of knowledge, at DFA Associates we are honoured to have her as part of our 'Real Talk' team!

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